Parent Organization: North Carolina State University

Wolf Wings Aviation Interest Club is the only organization at NC State created with the intent of bringing together everyone on campus interested in the world of aviation. Everyone loves planes and this is a club that everyone can join: all students both past and present from any major or study are welcome! Raleigh has a lot to offer to the aviation world through local flight schools, flying clubs, and industry-leading businesses and by joining Wolf Wings, you will gain unique access to all of it!

Interested in flying? We have fixed-wing, helicopter, and glider pilots who would love to share their stories and pictures from training and past flights as well as instructors that can guide you in choosing a school. If you just want to go for a ride, most pilots would be more than happy to show off their skills if you ask nicely. 

Interested in industry? We plan to partner with other flying clubs and organizations in the area to plan lectures with speakers from all aspects of the aviation industry. Raleigh is teeming with companies that play an important part in general and commercial aviation and if people are interested, we can plan for tours of the local facilities.

Interested in working for the FAA? We will take advantage of the fact that RDU is only a short drive away and plan tours for anyone interested in either working in an airport or the FAA. Tours of the air traffic control tower and other airport facilities are available to anyone interested. Tours of other local airports are also available with some hands-on training in the Wings of Carolina hangar for anyone interested in aircraft maintenance (how hard could it be to change the spark plugs on a 50-year-old engine?).

Interested in meteorology or weather? The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has a weather service station tucked away on Centennial campus which gives us the advantage of being able to just walk over! Weather is a very important factor to flight and many pilots may want to get a behind-the-scenes look at how a Prog Chart is generated!

Phone Number P:(919) 414-4950